Future - The 5 Elements is an authentic and family-owned beauty company that connects you with nature's powerful herbs, spices and extracts while delivering amazing results for your skin. The unique expert quality of Future's products has gained a loyal clientele through "word of mouth" from those looking for the highest quality skin care.

The roots of Future Cosmetics (as it was previously called) lie deep in the heritage of founder Anitas Bar Lev's grandfather, a knowledgeable herb and spice merchant from Marrakech. He sowed the first seeds of curiosity in his grandson's soul. With a valuable bundle of local traditions, markets, scents, ideas and experience, Anita broadened her horizons with knowledge of natural wellness and therapeutic traditions from all five continents. As a young woman, Anita trained as a licensed nurse and beautician (skin therapist). Her strong connection to aesthetics was further strengthened when she worked in the psychiatric ward and witnessed the positive benefits of grooming and professional skin care on the mental state of patients.

Future combines medical knowledge and ancient traditions that have helped people for hundreds of years speak for balance and harmony. Like the nature around us, we thrive when our body is well balanced and all elements around and within us harmonize - and our well-being is ensured. Our skin is yet another representation of such balance. Anita's philosophy is that just like many other organs in our body, the skin – our largest organ – holds the secrets behind its renewal and recovery. When we encounter challenges with our skin, it means that its natural health is out of balance. The true purpose of good treatment is to restore that balance and support the skin's natural powers.

A routine with Future is minimalist, smart and treats everyone regardless of skin problem, age or gender. The 5 elements (cleansing, stimulation, moisture, nutrition & protection) are responsible for restoring our natural skin's youthfulness. All this is done through traditional, herbal and natural methods. Each individual product contains the complete system of 5 elements, so even if you only use one product, you can still get a full treatment. Some elements are more dominant than others and that is the symbol you will find on the packaging.

Skin is beautiful when it is healthy and well balanced. To maintain its health, our skin requires 5 elements:

CLEANSING - keeps the skin clean so it can detoxify from internal and external impurities.

STIMULATION – encourages healthy blood circulation which allows the skin to receive the oxygen and nutrition it needs and eliminate impurities via the lymphatic system.

MOISTURE – allows the skin to absorb and retain moisture and maintain a healthy level of moisture in its cells.

NUTRITION – introduces vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides and other natural building blocks that allow skin to thrive.

PROTECTION – protects the skin from external stress that can disturb its balance, e.g. harmful solar radiation, weather, wind, free radicals and pollution.

In fact, these very elements are responsible for the balance around us in a larger perspective: they keep the balance in our whole body, and they represent the balance between nature and our planet. It is not by accident that these elements appear and recur in many ancient therapeutic traditions that Anita found during the years of her research, from Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda to the shamanic traditions of the Amazon.

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