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ICE MOLD is designed to reduce redness, swelling and calm inflammation on the face using ice massage. It has a firming effect on the face and gives a modeling effect. The ice is shaped to follow the contours of the face, which makes it effective in all areas, even around the eyes.

When applying cold to the skin, we lower the temperature locally with immediate pain. It limits vasodilation and promotes vasoconstriction . The skin's blood circulation is regulated and redness disappears, which makes it good for relieving stressed skin. In addition to soothing properties, cold has a draining, decongestant and tightening effect. Perfect for tired, puffy eyes in the morning. The cold sensation stimulates nerve cells in the skin to the "goosebumps" effect - which has a tightening effect on the epidermis.

Do this:

Fill the mold with water by prying open the lid at the bottom. Close the lid and place the mold in the freezer overnight. Take it out of the freezer in the morning and let it thaw at room temperature, while you eat breakfast and brush your teeth, for example. You can also put it in a bowl of hot water if you are impatient or want to speed up the process.

Take off the top half of the mold and keep the bottom (the part with text on it). Glide with the ice from the center of the face, outwards & upwards. Do one page at a time. You can also make small circular movements. When you feel ready, dry your face and follow up with your usual skin care routine, such as serum and cream .

You can also use your ICE MOLD to wash off your cleanser or face mask . For example: apply Phyto Mask no.2 to clean skin. When it has worked for 20 minutes, you can use the ice to dissolve the mask. Then rinse your face, dry and follow up with serum and cream .

Empty the mold with ice and top up with new water if necessary.

Material: Silicone (Food Grade)

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