also known as Future Cosmetics.

Future 5 Elements is an authentic and unique, family-owned beauty company. The brand was founded in 1993 by Anita Bar Lev, then known as Future Cosmetics. She wanted to create products to restore the skin's youth, luster and health through extensive knowledge of skin biology and its needs with holistic thinking and traditions from around the world.

Future (as it is often abbreviated) connects you with nature while delivering astonishing results. The unique expert quality of Future's products has gained a loyal clientele through "word of mouth" from those looking for the highest quality skin care. The product collection is minimalistic and smart which allows us to treat everyone regardless of skin problem, age or gender. Like Anita, Future stands for inspiration, well-being, hope and encourages people around the world to follow their dreams and lead their communities with respect and dignity.

The 5 elements (cleansing, stimulation, moisture, nutrition & protection) are responsible for restoring our natural skin's youthfulness. All this is done through traditional, herbal and natural methods. The task of the elements is to balance and treat each skin type and condition to its healthiest and most beautiful appearance. The products give your skin energy and the conditions to regain its natural beauty. Each individual product contains the complete system of 5 elements , so even if you only use one product, you can still get a full treatment. Some elements are more dominant than others and that is the symbol you will find on the packaging.


Future 5 Elements uses more than a hundred ingredients to create its products, and each one of them is dedicated to promoting one or more of these five elements. Most have been used for years in traditional medicine and have been used for generations. In this long list of beneficial, detoxifying, cleansing and moisturizing ingredients, a few stand out that represent each element:

  • Key ingredients : saponaria officinalis (soap herb), green French clay, large burdock root, brewer's yeast and mimosa bark.

    For gentle cleansing of the skin from dirt, dead cells, harmful bacteria, sebum, sunscreen and make-up.

  • Key ingredients: centella asiatica, cinnamon, arnica montana, cloves and coffee.

    Improves blood circulation, stimulates the lymph and strengthens the protein fibers to tone the skin.

  • Key ingredients: silk amino acids, algae, milk protein and honey.

    Attracts moisture and delivers it to the skin as well as retaining the skin's moisture by protecting it from moisture loss.

  • Key ingredients: jojoba oil, vitamin F, rosehip oil and evening primrose oil.

    Supports the skin's long-term health with essential vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Key ingredients : squalene/squalane, vitamin C, green tea, red vine leaf and hibiscus.

    Strengthens the skin's lipid membrane by detoxifying and preventing damage from external factors (weather, wind, pollution).

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Future's products are free of perfumes, artificial colors, mineral oils, sulfates and have never been tested on animals.

Anita & Yifat

"We support people to believe in their power and beauty, from the inside out, at any age, skin and shape. The beauty is within each of us. We just help it shine." - Anita Bar Lev

In the golden age of skin care and cosmetics in the 1970s, Anita trained as both a nurse and beautician (skin therapist). She was inspired early on to find a balanced skincare path that resonated with both strands of her education. Studying with experts in alternative medicine, cosmetology and botanical treatments, she discovered the ingenuity of skin - delicate and powerful all at once.

Together with make-up artist Benny Bar Lev, Anita has developed professional conferences, magazines and training programs around her skin care philosophy: skin should never be manipulated harshly. Rather, it can be profoundly transformed through treatments that restore its optimal state. In the 1980s, Anita inaugurated her own cosmetology school and has since certified hundreds of beauticians in her professional skin care method.

In 1989, Anita and Benny launched their laboratory together with expert biologists and cosmetologists to develop the formulas for Future Cosmetics. 4 years later, in 1993, the first Future Cosmetics products were ready to be launched.

Today, Future is led by her daughter Yifat (CEO) - they are three generations of their family creating, developing and manufacturing products in their laboratory.