Your face starts at the hairline & ends at the nipples. The area from the breasts up to the neck, the "neckline", is also called the décolletage. Many people focus exclusively on what they consider to be "the face" and forget about other parts of the body that can show our age - especially the neck and décolleté. Both areas have less lipid deposits and can reveal signs of aging more quickly than other parts of your body.

Anything you apply to your face should be applied to these delicate areas as well, and any leftovers can be used on your hands (another forgotten area).

The décolletage and neck have fewer sebaceous glands, so they show signs of aging more quickly. Without these natural oils, your skin dries out faster and is more susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun, wind, cold and pollution. As a result, lines, wrinkles and age spots appear more quickly than on other parts of your body. Don't forget "tech-neck", the dilemma of neck lines caused by the constant movement of looking down at our mobiles.

An excellent product combo for the décolletage is:

Moisturizing and nourishing oil. Golden Touch Oil
Moisturizing and firming cream for the body. Lemuria Phytomarine Body Cream
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