Facial treatments don't just have to be exclusive to clinics & spas. We can give ourselves incredible results at home too (although there's nothing quite like getting a facial massage, I agree.) I'd say it's at home that we see the best results - what you do every day. Giving yourself a DIY (Do It Yourself) facial is a great way to de-stress, boost your complexion and maintain skin health.

Below are some simple steps for a basic DIY treatment. NOTE that this is a general recommendation. The fun really begins when you tailor it to your specific needs by adding whatever suits you: serums, masks, microcurrent and massagers, LED masks and more. I can help you with what suits you if you are unsure. Click here to book a video consultation.

Perform the following at least (!) once a week, e.g. Sunday evening.

Step 1. Double cleansing
It is important to start your facial on clean skin, like a clean canvas. This way, any products you use can have the best chance of being absorbed into the skin. Use a cleansing milk as the first cleanser to remove traces of make-up and sunscreen, as well as any impurities and sweat. The second cleanser can preferably be a facial toner. Apply the milk to the skin and perform a 5-minute facial massage. It is the key to releasing tension, reducing swelling, detoxing, increasing circulation and lifting the face. We have lymph nodes located along the neck and behind the ears. When they are blocked, fluid collects in the area, resulting in swelling and dull skin. Performing a simple facial massage is good for stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Moisturizing and gentle cleansing milk. Clear Makeup Remover

Massage like this:

Apply 2-3 pumps of cleanser and make sure you have enough glide. Use upward and outward motions to apply with steady pressure. Massage from the bottom up: between the bust, over the pectoral muscle and up over the neck. Continue up to the jawline and chin, moving to the mouth, out over the cheekbones, over the nose and around the eye area. Massage the temples and avaluate with the forehead. It doesn't have to be complicated: remember to follow the contours of the face, against gravity and use your whole hands. Rinse the face with cold water. Pat the skin dry with a soft towel. Follow up by swiping your face with a hydrating toner.

Moisturizing and balancing toner. Floral Lotion no.1

Step 2. Exfoliate
Whether you use a chemical peel containing AHAs, BHAs or a mechanical scrub with finely ground grains, exfoliation is an important step in the DIY treatment. By gently dissolving and peeling away dead skin cells, the new skin cells underneath are revealed. Exfoliation provides an immediate glow that allows active ingredients to reach deeper while increasing cell metabolism. I can recommend the product below that contains both root grains from soap cloves but also AHA & BHA.

Exfoliating and invigorating cleansing. Flash 10 Botanical Deep Cleanser

Step 3. Mask
It just wouldn't be a facial without a mask! Mix and match formulas depending on your skin concerns—clay to detoxify, cream to nourish, sheet mask to hydrate—or mix and match several to target different concerns at once. Apply an even layer to the face with your hands and leave on for about 20 minutes before rinsing off with cold water. Don't forget the delicate area around the eyes. Eye masks are a great way to add an extra layer of moisture to an often neglected area.

Balancing and cleansing mask. Phyto Mask no. 2

Step 4. Mist/Toner
After washing off your face mask and patting dry with a soft, fluffy towel: spray a moisturizing mist/swipe a toner over your face to hydrate and prep your skin for serum & cream.

Moisturizing and balancing toner. Floral Lotion no.1

Step 5. Serum
Apply the serum(s) adapted to your needs and let it dry into the skin before moving on to the next step.

Moisturizing and healing serum. Beauty Drops no.3

Step 6. Moisturize
Applying a cream/oil as the final step in your DIY facial. This step not only hydrates the skin, but acts as a shield to lock in all the antioxidants and active ingredients you've used so far. It can feel wonderful to repeat an abbreviated version of your massage technique used earlier in the cleanse to apply your moisturizer/oil to the face and over the décolletage. Follow up with serum/cream around the eyes if necessary and a lip balm.

Moisturizing and energizing cream. Lemuria Phytomarine Cream

Depending on time and products in your bathroom cabinet, add or remove any of these steps to suit you best. The key elements are: double cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturize!

Good luck!

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