GRÖN LERA & dess egenskaper inom hudvård

GREEN CLAY & its properties in skin care

Green clay is the most commonly used clay. Learn how its mineral-rich properties can help balance, cleanse skin and control excess sebum.

Clays are soft, mineral-rich materials that form naturally in the earth, as a result of rocks gradually weathering. There are many different colors of clay, but green clay, also called illite, is the most popular clay for use in skin care. This type of clay is common in the south of France and is known as French green clay.

The properties of natural green clay can have an enriching effect on the skin and body. Using green clay as part of your skin care routine can help balance oily skin, detoxify impurities, improve skin tone and texture.

Clays have been used as natural cosmetics for centuries due to their unique physical and chemical properties. Historically, green clay has been used to relieve inflammation, wounds or muscle pain. They are often applied as face masks to cure impurities and improve skin health.

By using clays as a skin care treatment, a unique molecular exchange can take place between the clay and the skin. When placed in contact with the skin, negatively charged clay with salt minerals attracts positive ions. This includes dirt and impurities, which are drawn out of the skin and replaced with minerals from the clay.

Green clay is naturally rich in iron oxide that can help fight bacteria, and also has a layered structure that makes it highly absorbent. This makes the clay an effective, natural method of cleansing away impurities and absorbing excess sebum from the skin. Suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Use a green clay mask like Phyto Mask no.2 to deep clean your skin at least once a week regardless of skin type. In this way, you create an optimal foundation and optimize your daily skin care routine in the best way.

Cleansing & balancing clay mask. Phyto Mask no. 2

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