NATTKRÄM & varför det är ett viktigt steg.

NIGHT CREAM & why it's an important step.

Moisturizing is an important step in any skin care routine. Most people use a cream to moisturize, but serums, lotions, and light gels can also moisturize your skin, depending on your skin type. A good night cream will be full of ingredients that work to restore your skin's natural barrier and keep it healthy and radiant, especially in winter, when your skin has a lot to endure from harsher weather conditions.

Maintaining the fluid balance in the skin's surface layer is extremely important and a major challenge for people with dry skin. When your skin's moisture level is in order, your skin remains supple and better able to retain skin-like substances that protect it from external influences. The most important thing is to keep the skin's barrier intact so that moisture is better retained. Help your dry skin by using a rich night cream packed with antioxidants and skin-healing ingredients. Use a cream as the last step in your evening routine, after cleansing , toning , exfoliating and applying a serum . If desired, follow up with a separate product for the eye area .

Here are some tips on night creams:

Extreme no.1 Cream - for sensitive and reactive skin
Extreme no.3 Cream - for oily skin and acne.
Lemuria Phytomarine Cream - for tired and gray skin (e.g. after pregnancy)
Mega Cream - for dry, mature skin that needs increased elasticity.
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