HYPERKÄNSLIGHET & hur du får starkare hudbarriär

HYPERSENSITIVITY & how to get a stronger skin barrier

Hypersensitive skin, hypersensitive or very sensitive skin - is a very common, unpleasant condition where the skin can show visible symptoms: dry skin, irritation, eczema, pimples, redness, scaling. Even symptoms that are not visible to the eye: burning, itching or tingling. When these symptoms are followed by redness, the skin can develop dilated blood vessels and rosacea.

What causes hypersensitive skin?

Hypersensitivity can often be traced to a damaged skin barrier. There are a few different reasons why the barrier may be compromised in the first place:

1. Naturally weakened barrier.
Some people just have a weaker barrier function - in the same way that some people have naturally oily or acne-prone skin. We all have different types of skin and that's okay! Most people with an inflammatory skin disease, such as eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, have a naturally weakened barrier. In fact, recent research shows that those with eczema may even lack a certain protein in their skin.

2. Imbalanced microbiome.
A balanced skin microbiome can help flush out substances and pathogens that can cause irritation on your skin. Your skin's microbiome can be out of balance for various reasons, such as overuse of harsh soaps, sulfates and lifestyle factors such as living in a city with a lot of pollution in the air. Even after completing the antibiotic course.

3. Overexfoliation
You can make your skin sensitive through aggressive cleansing and exfoliation. Your stratum corneum (the top layer of the epidermis) is made up of dead skin cells. This is good, because they protect the living cells underneath. When skin cells build up too much layer after layer (causing dullness or clogged pores) we turn to exfoliation. The problem is that many of us do it too much. The most important tip is: "less is more."

To watch out for in case of hypersensitivity:

- Perfume
- Active substances such as retinol, AHA and BHA
- Extreme temperatures
- Alcohol and coffee
- Internal stress
- Inflammatory foods

How to get a stronger skin barrier?

Keep your skincare routine minimal and simple. Avoid products that are too strong/active or perfumed. Look for products that strengthen the lipid membrane such as cermaids, fatty acids, gentle plant extracts (eg oats). Also review your diet and avoid fast food. Probiotics, vegetables and healthy fats strengthen your immune system. This in turn strengthens the skin. Of course, remember to drink water throughout the day.

Here below is a simple routine, "back to basic", which may suit you with hypersensitive and reactive skin. Feel free to consult us if you feel unsure so that you use products recommended for you.

1. A gentle cleansing milk. Clear Makeup Remover

2. A moisturizing and healing serum. Beauty Drops no.1

3. A soothing and moisturizing cream. Extreme No. 1 Cream

4. A moisturizing and soothing mask. Soft Treatment Gel
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