VINTER & 7 enkla tips för de kallare månaderna

WINTER & 7 simple tips for the colder months

As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, the skin on our body can become drier. Here we share 7 simple tips for your skin to feel good through colder weather and wind!

To address this, it's good to adjust parts of your skin care routine. While your skin may need a little extra help, your skin type hasn't changed, so neither should most of your routine. Effective winter skin care means adding a product or two to your routine to provide extra hydration and nourishment.

What causes dry skin in winter?
When the temperature drops and the cold winds blow, the chilly air is dry and the low humidity (both indoors and outdoors) is harsh on the skin. In addition to the low humidity outdoors, your skin is also vulnerable to attack from the dry, heated air indoors. The combination of cold and dry outside and hot and dry inside causes already dehydrated skin to fall behind. It applies to all skin types.

The skin problems associated with winter dry skin are dehydration, redness, tightness, scaling, increased sensitivity and a constant uncomfortable feeling. But don't worry. You can keep your skin calm, smooth and hydrated by adding products tailored to you that lock in moisture, nourish the skin and ward off the cold weather.


1. Strong barrier

The winter months shouldn't require a complete change of all your products. Instead, it's best to listen to your skin and try to address specific needs by switching out one or two products. Use a gentle cleanser that you massage into dry skin and rinse off with lukewarm/cold water. You can also try using only a toner in the morning instead of cleansing, so as not to overwash the skin. The trick is to try to preserve as much natural fats in the skin as possible but at the same time remove impurities. A strong barrier keeps the skin healthy through freezing temperatures.

Gentle milk cleansing - Clear Makeup Remover

2. Exfoliation

Take the opportunity to work on skin texture, pores and pigmentation during the darker winter months. Use an exfoliation with fruit acids that gently peel away dead skin cells so that active ingredients can work extra effectively during the night.

Double action peeling with grains and fruit acids - Flash 10 Botanical Deep Cleanser

3. Night mask

Add an extra nutritious cream at night or a night mask 2-3 times/week. The skin needs more lipids during the winter to build up protection against cold and dry air.

Moisturizing mask - Soft Treatment Gel

4. Layer upon layer

Apply your moisturizing serum or toner in batches. So: apply a layer, wait 1 minute, repeat 3 times with the same product. Maximize the effect and leave it on overnight with cream on top.

Moisturizing serum - Beauty Drops No.1

5. SPF

Remember that UV rays are harmful all year round, especially when reflected off snowy surfaces, so never leave home without applying SPF. Find a sun protection you enjoy using on a daily basis. We can warmly recommend La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50.

6. Don't forget the skin on the body

The skin on our bodies also needs love and attention, even though most of it is covered with clothes at this time of year. Neglecting the body can lead to extremely dry, dull and flaky skin due to the build-up of dead skin cells. To avoid this try dry brushing! You can read more about it here. Feel free to combine with a warm bath or sauna if you can for the best effect. Always finish with a moisturizing cream or relaxing oil before going to bed.

Repairing cream for the body - Lemuria Phytomarine Body Cream

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