ÖVEREXFOLIERING & hur du räddar huden från det.

OVEREXFOLIATION & how to save your skin from it.

Beware of over exfoliating your skin. It can irritate and remove the skin's protective lipid barrier. It can also create small injuries, inflammation and make your skin more sensitive. It's easy to get excited and use peels every day when you see results. Remember how important it is to help the skin with nutrition and moisture after.

Signs you're over-exfoliating:

Your skin is: red, sensitive, reacts to everything, cranky, itchy, flaky. If so, take a break from your exfoliation and focus on moisturizing and soothing products for a few days. Give the skin time to build up its protection again. When you start exfoliating, do it 1-2 times a week, only at night. Then increase one day at a time. Reverse if you notice the tendency again.

A mechanical exfoliation can be too harsh (depending on the condition of your skin) so don't use it more than 2-3 times a week. And don't use it if you have inflamed acne because the grains can irritate already inflamed skin.

Give your skin a break by replacing the fruit acid with this product:

Moisturizing face water (without fruit acids). Floral Lotion no.1
Build up the skin barrier and the lipid membrane with this product:
Moisturizing and soothing cream for sensitive skin. Extreme No. 1 Cream
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