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MicroLife C Collagen Serum

MicroLife C Collagen Serum

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MicroLife C Collagen Serum is a powerful, moisturizing and volumizing serum for aging skin. Optimal for dry skin with enlarged pores.

Hydrolyzed collagen and honey fill the skin with moisture, increase the skin's elasticity and fullness. It makes the skin feel firmer with lots of glow.


Remove the metal cap from the glass bottle and attach the pipette. Squeeze out drops by pressing on the neck of the pipette. Apply 5-6 drops to dry, clean skin and massage it into the face in upward motions. The product can be used both morning and evening, also around the eyes. Follow up with cream on top. When used together with Beauty Drops, this serum is applied before.


Water, Hydrolyzed collagen, Glycerin, sorbitol, Honey extract, Urea, Magnesium sulfate, allantoin, edta, phenoxyethanol

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